Zinziano van 't Murselt


Written by Paul Looijestijn

Zinzi_2004-06 zinzi_en_jose



Full name: Zinziano v. ''t Murselt

Date of Birth: March 8, 2000

Breeder: G. Janssen - Hermsen

Owner: José van der Vossen

Height: 66 cm

Weight: 28 kg

Hips: HD TC norberg 32 onv. aansl.

Eyes: free (March 2003)

Teeth: complete scissorbite

Character: NVBH mental test social plus 2001 , NVBH mental test with highest possible scores 2007

Working results: VZH/BH, UV/AD, IPO3, G&G3, Rescue dog suitability test Tracking, participant Randmeren Bokaal IPO 2005

Show results: VG, approved for breeding in 2002

Litters with: Xaviera v. ''t Murselt, Boycka Noma v. ''t Wolfhome, Bétor v.d. Belgische Vriendjes, Belgerac Daredevil

Who is Zinzi

Zinzi is a large male with good bone. He has an excellent preydrive and is highly motivated to work. Even now at old age if he is allowed to demonstrate a manwork exercise he does this enthusiastically.
As a young dog Zinzi was rather naughty, biting everything, independent, dominant. While maturing he learnt training is fun and that he deserved this favorite toy (a tennis ball) with it. He developed himself into a superb working dog with a superb character. Always ready to work, never minding to do the same exercise several times. Zinzi will do manwork with any helper. We trained a few times with a PH helper wearing a full suit too. It didn''t make any difference. He loved winning a whole jacket instead of "just" a sleeve. Also with obedience a different environment don''t concern him.
At home Zinzi is a calm and relaxed dog now. But when I decide we are going to do something, he is full with energy and as fast as a young dog. He loves walking free and swimming. He used to love cycling too but we stopped because he is getting tired faster nowadays. Zinzi is still in good health. Never ill till the age of 11. He survived a thyroid tumor which was discovered in July 2011 and is feeling well again.

Zinzi has retired. Zinzi trained for IPO, G&G and Rescuedog.

His biggest achievement is being an excellent multipurpose sportsdog and a excellent teacher to me. A dog that will never be forgotten!