Xaviera van 't Murselt


Written by Paul Looijestijn



Full name: Xaviera v. ''t Murselt

Date of birth: April 30, 1998

Breeder: G. Janssen - Hermsen

Owner: José van der Vossen

Heigth: 56 cm

Weight: 24 kg

Hips: HD TC norberg 

Eyes: cataract (2003)

Teeth: complete scissorbite

Character: NVBH mental test social plus 2000 

Working results: VZH/BH, UV/AD, SpH2, G&G2

Show results: VG, approved for breeding 2000

Litters with: Zinziano v. ''t Murselt

Wo is Xavi


Xavi is a small, somewhat strong built female. Xavi is the easiest Groenendael I ever met, friendly towards all people, children and dogs, afraid of nothing, quick learner, easy to work with.

Xavi was very good in tracking and obedience. Defense work wasn''t her thing. She liked it with Paul, but not with anybody else.


Xavi had one litter in 2002 with our Zinzi. Her children are easy going like her. Several of them have been trained in Obedience, tracking and/or Agility.

Due to the cataract discovered in Xavi's eyes and her relatives eyes in 2003 her bloodline is excluded for breeding. A loss for the breed.

Xavi has retired. In the past she trained G&G, Tracking and some IPO. Xavi is now 14 years old and apart from the cataract she has never been ill. Recently she had a stroke. She has recovered well, only she is tired much faster nowadays.