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gabber_2004-06 Gabber1

Gabber 16 augustus 1994 - 4 april 2007Gabber was een kruising Mechelse herder/keeshond. Hij is in 1995, toen hij 13 maanden oud was door ons uit het asiel in Leiden gehaald.
Een hele uitdaging, want wij waren inmiddels zijn vierde baas en we gingen naar huis met een hele lijst met problemen die Gabber had, bijten van kinderen en bazin, niet alleen kunnen zijn, niet hierkomen, etc.
Gabber is bijna 13 jaar oud geworden. Dankzij onze inspanningen was er van zijn problemen weinig meer over. Op kinderen is hij nooit dol geweest, maar met onze dochter ging het prima. Op wandelen is hij bijna tot het eind erg dol geweest. Hij kon prima los mee. In het verleden heeft hij met veel plezier met speuren meegetraind bij kringgroep LimBra en bij een KC behendigheid getraind.

11-12-2000 Behendigheid Beginners KC Zoetermeer Geslaagd: 2e plaats
18-06-2001 Behendigheid Gevorderden KC Zoetermeer Geslaagd: 1e plaats


Gabber was a Malinois and Keeshound mix. In 1995, when he was 13 months old, we got him from the animal shelter in Leiden. A big challenge, because we became his fourth owner and we went home with a list of problems, biting of children and his boss, unable to be home alone, doesn''t know the meaning of the command "Here", etc. Gabber almost became 13 years old. Due to our efforts he didn''t have many problems anymore. He never liked children, but with our daughter he got along fine. He liked walking very much, almost till the end. He didn''t need a leech. In the past he trained tracking, also at kringgroep LimBra and Agility.

11-12-2000 Agility Starters KC Zoetermeer Passed: 2e plaats
18-06-2001 Agility Experienced KC Zoetermeer Passed: 1e plaats


 B_Etor_2004-06 betor20060409_1

 Full name: Bétor v.d. Belgische Vriendjes (named after klingon female warrior B''Etor (sisters B''etor and Lursa Duras) from the television series Star Trek, the name really suits her.)

Date of birth: March 13th, 2003

Date of Death: March 2014

Breeder: S. Leijenaar

Owner: José van der Vossen

Height: 58 cm

Weight: 24 kg

Hips: HD A norberg 28

Eyes: free (May 2003)

Teeth: complete scissorbite

Character: NVBH mental test social plus

Working results: VZH/BH, UV/AD, IPO1, G&G2, SpH2, competed in G&G (Obedience) competitions, participated in Dutch National Championship G&G1 in 2006, participated in Dutch National Championship
G&G2 in 2009
, participant Randmeren Bokaal IPO 2007

Show results: approved for breeding in 2005

Litters with: Zinziano v. ''t Murselt

Wo is B''Etor

B'Etor is an average sized, quite dominant female with a somewhat male appearance. B''Etor is a dog that is obedient by nature and can''t think of anything more fun than work with you. She is always ready to do something. If she has too less exercise she is quite pushy in telling you she needs to do something. 
B'Etor is very good in tracking and obedience. B''Etor also did well in defense but lacks some courage for examinations/competitions.

B'Etor had one litter in 2006 with our Zinzi. There are big differences between her children. Her son Cinzi has a superb character, easy with people and dogs. He passed the NVBH mental test with excellent scores. Her son Chakotay has a difficult character, friendly to people till provoked, easy with our own dogs but react extreme towards dogs outside.
B'Etor has retired. She only does some obedience and tracking for fun now. In the past she trained IPO, G&G and Tracking. Her biggest achievements are participating twice in the Dutch National Championship for G&G.


Chakotay-staand                                                                                                                                          Stamboom

Full name: Chakotay di Zinxavi (named after first commander Chakotay from the television series Star Trek Voyager)

Date of birth: April 25th, 2006

Died: June 5th, 2018

Breeder: José van der Vossen

Owner: José van der Vossen

Height: 62 cm

Weight:  kg

Hips: HD A norberg 

Teeth: complete scissorbite

Working results: UV/AD

Who is Chakotay (Ko)


Chakotay is an average sized male with good bone. Ko has a good bite and is an excellent jumper. He has a good working drive.
However he is friendly to people till provoked (too sharp), easy with our own dogs but reacts extreme towards dogs outside.
Because we already noticed this when he has a puppy, we decided he needed to stay with us.
Ko isn't available for breeding.